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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Expect an intense tour

Organized by ESPN STAR Sports, Asia's number one sports broadcaster, with Guinness as the title sponsor, fans can expect intense competition in the 2008 Tour, as the rest of Asia eagerly tries to redeem themselves following a clean sweep of the series by Chinese Taipei last year.

With the local contingent boasting of an intimidating line-up of Chang Jung-Lin (2007 Overall Tour Champion), Wu Chia-Ching (2005 WPA World Pool Champion), Ko Pin-Yi (2007 WPA World Junior Champion), Wang Hung-Hsiang, Chang Pei-Wei, and Yang Ching-Shun (2007 Tour Grand Finals Semi-finalist), it would seem that Chinese Taipei is determined to start the season strong in the hopes of sparking a repeat of last year's flawless performance.

Meanwhile, the rest of the competition field will see Asia’s best players such as Indonesia’s top-ranked cueist Ricky Yang, perennial crowd-favorite Alex Pagulayan (2004 WPA World Pool Champion) and his compatriot Marlon Manalo (2006 IPT 8 Ball Championship runner-up) of the Philippines, all setting their sights on the 2008 season’s first trophy. Action in the group stage will begin on February 29 at the Taipei Gymnasium.

The players draw has resulted with the hometown bets bracketed in tough matchups. In Group F, Kaohsiung’s ‘Son of Pool’ Yang Ching-Shun will be testing the pocketing prowess of “The Lion” Alex Pagulayan. In Group D, Chinese-Taipei’s teen wonder Ko Pin-Yi will need to be on top-form if he wants to advance past Marlon Manalo while Wu Chia-Ching will have his hands full as he begins his campaign against Ricky Yang in Group E. Over at Group A Chang Pei-Wei will go head on against Joven Bustamante, the overall top seed in the 2008 kick-off leg. In group B, Chinese-Taipei’s number one ranked cueist Wang Hung-Hsiang will clash versus Korea’s Ryu Seung Woo in their elimination round opener.

League should be top priority, says Warne

The Test legend is the coach and captain of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur and believes the revolutionary competition should be given priority over the ICC's Future Tours Programme (FTP).

The 38-year-old ex-Hampshire leg-spinner told the Hindu newspaper on Thursday: "The ICC should plan its FTP around the IPL. It's the most exciting thing to have happened to world cricket and the ICC must make sure that the best players in the world are available.

"What I like about the IPL is that it goes a step further by opening the Champions League. The IPL is here to stay."

Warne, who was bought for US 450,000, is excited at the prospect of working with a team brimming with world-class talent.

"I am going to pick the brains of Graeme Smith, who is captain of South Africa, and Younus Khan who has been captain of Pakistan," Warne added.

"Mohammad Kaif is an exceptional batsman. They all bring experience to the table. I am going to work with Greg Chappell, who I have found to be amazing.

"I'm looking forward to six weeks of exciting cricket with the Jaipur franchise and India, and working with the local and junior cricketers."

The IPL will begin on April 18 with Kolkata taking on Bangalore.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Hayden infected by psychedelic hay fever

Take a weed. Not just any common or garden variety though. It's new and tougher than the Australians like, and unlike a dandelion this version keeps sprouting in regular profusion on the outfields and is better known to the Indians as Bhajji Bhai.Noxious? Nah. Come on, guys. That's a load of genuine twaddle. A check of the thesaurus explains why some Australians have wandered past their lexicon lessons grade with this one.
Others may like him, or hate him, but Harbhajan Singh has long been a favourite since doing an interview during the 2001 tour of Sri Lanka. He came across then as a sincere, straightforward type who is not afraid to express an opinion.Every time we bump into each other, or paths cross, there is a cheerful acknowledgement and as always, which the Australians don't seem to understand, is his politeness. But get him on the field and you find he is a feisty type of player. That is the sort India need when there is pressure.

But to call him a 'weed' and 'obnoxious' makes you wonder whether Mathew Hayden has been mixing and chewing a few seeds of his garden variety weeds and found himself in a psychedelic haze. Or even drinking some local dandelion wine concoction found in his back garden shed. They make all types of things Down Under and hide it in all variety of containers.Now while there is admiration of the Australian opener's efforts to promote cancer awareness causes, rhetoric – well this sort anyway, is the sort of pre-series final vernacular to spice up a radio programme in Queensland.Don't forget that the second game of this Commonwealth Bank series is being played in Brisbane, and a few controversial viewpoints and comments might sell several extra seats. Why not get Bhajji on the line to express his thoughts of Hayden's jargon coming from the slip cordon, when suffering a hangover from the previous night's dandelion wine party after he misses a catch or two.

Mitchell questions shrugged off

Roger Clemens declined to discuss reports he could face a criminal investigation for perjury when he arrived at the Houston Astros' spring training camp, telling reporters he wanted to focus on baseball.

Clemens did not discuss Monday's report in the New York Times that Congress has taken the first steps toward asking the US Justice Department to launch an investigation into whether he lied under oath earlier this month.

Clemens appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to deny using performance-enhancing substances after being named prominently in the Mitchell Report.

"All the other stuff that's been going on in the last month, we're moving forward," Clemens said.

"Everything's been said about it and quite frankly, I think people are getting tired of hearing about it. We're moving on.

"The sport's been great. We're moving forward."

Clemens, who has a personal services contract with the Astros, is due to throw batting practice the next three days.

"It's great to be down here again and do a little work," Clemens said.

"Anything that they need me to do or ask me to do, I'll try to do.

"What's great is now, really, in my second or third year of kind of being around them and watching draftees that were in their first year, being in their second or third year now, they're getting comfortable asking questions and more pointed questions, so that's good."

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Dhoni impressed with emphatic display

ndian captain MS Dhoni who has been stressing on the need for senior batsmen to perform was visibly excited. Speaking to STAR Sports after the match, he said, "I think this was our most emphatic batting performance of the series."

Sachin Tendulkar roared back to from with a quick fire 63, while Gautam Gambhir remained not out on 63 as the duo ensured India booked a berth in the finals against Australia in the best-of-three finals.Earlier, Ishant Sharma and Praveen Kumar picked up four wickets each to rock the Sri Lankan top order and send it packing for a paltry 179.Dhoni conceded Sri Lanka went off to a good start but his bowlers did really well. "Sri Lanka started off well. But our bowlers came back really well. Praveen and Ishant were excellent. It was a flat track but our bowlers stuck to good lines and lengths."One Day cricket is not just about bowling and batting. You need to put the efforts on fielding. That reduces the pressure on the batsmen," Dhoni said.Sri Lankan skipper Mahela Jayawardena rued letting go of a good chance. "We started pretty well. We should have kept wickets in hand and got to 250 or 260. It was not a good day at all.

We’ve competed better against India

India’s loss on Sunday to Australia has thrown us a welcome lifeline. The defeats to India and Australia were very disappointing, as we should have won both matches. But we didn’t, and we only have ourselves to blame. We now need to win both our remaining matches, but our focus is firmly on India tomorrow.Our batting, especially against Australia, has been poor throughout this tournament. Kumar (Sangakkara) has been brilliant, but the rest of us have been unacceptably inconsistent. You can talk all you want as a team but at the end of the day the batsmen have to work out their gameplan and execute it when the pressure is onWe fought really hard against India last week and with a bit of luck the result might have been different. Two guys being run out with deflections from a straight drive is incredibly unfortunate and consequently, despite a good partnership in the middle, we finished about 15-20 runs short of the kind of total that we wanted.

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SC gives Zardari big break

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a stay order on the operation of an ordinance which gives Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party, amnesty from prosecution in corruption cases.ardari, husband of assassinated former premier Benazir Bhutto, spent 11 years in jail in connection with these cases. The court’s order is being seen as part of an understanding between President Pervez Musharraf and the PPP, which will not press for impeaching the former army chief or restoring sacked Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikar Chaudhary.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court dismissed petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the National Reconciliation Order , which was promulgated in October 2007 and which put brakes on corruption cases against political leaders.

ndia want Aussies behaviour examined

Andrew Symonds and Ishant Sharma exchanged words during Sunday's one-day international after the Australia all-rounder was bowled.Ishant was later fined 15% of his match fee for pointing Symonds towards the dressing room, but the India team management believe the 19-year-old paceman was provoked.Reports have also claimed Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden indulged in banter with India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh during the game.India have taken the matter to Crowe but have not lodged an official complaint."We are not cry babies but obviously we can't allow our players to be regularly sledged," Soni told The Telegraph.
"I'm happy that the match referee has given me an assurance that he will soon talk to the Australia team management on the issues raised in my letter. We accept the match referee's decision for Ishant to have transgressed the Code of Conduct."Our plea was that Symonds provoked Ishant and that's why he did what he did. We also wanted him to have a look at the provocation which the Australians have been repeatedly providing in the series.

"Much has happened in the recent past and we didn't want to open up old wounds by making a complaint. But we have mentioned specific incidents in the letter."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Lee plays down India spat

he latest flare-up occurred in Sunday's one-day international at the Sydney Cricket Ground with reports Matthew Hayden referred to Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh as "mad boy."

India bowler Ishant Sharma also faced a disciplinary hearing after the match and was fined 15% of his match fee for a face-off with Andrew Symonds.

The incident prompted India's management to lodge an official complaint with International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee Jeff Crowe following Australia's "provocative' behaviour.

But Lee, who was rested from Sunday's match, denied his team-mates had "stepped over the line" and insisted Australia's battles with India are being played in the right spirit.

"I don't have a problem with the way the Australians and Indians get on, it's fantastic," said Lee. "There's a few little things that have happened, sure, and everyone knows that, but the bond that we've got between the two teams is brilliant.

"The whole mental disintegration is like a way to try and overcome your opponent, that's happened in Test match cricket for a long, long time and now it's happening in one-day cricket.

"It's a matter of going out there and trying to play the hardest possible cricket you know you can providing that we don't step over that line and we definitely haven't done that."

Lee said the fact several Australian players are set to play alongside their Indian counterparts in the upcoming Indian Premier League would only enhance relationships between the two sides.

"If you see the way we get on with the Indian cricket team off the field, it's a totally different story," he added.

Ferrari ready to challenge, says Schumacher

After finishing third behind McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Kimi Raikonnen in Monday's tests at the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmelo, the seven-time world champion said: "We are ready and prepared to fight for the victory".Conditions were far from ideal in Montmelo following overnight rain and morning fog in the small town just outside Barcelona, but Schumacher - now a tester for Ferrari - says the fact his team were able to test in two different types of weather proved to be useful."We had a good day of work considering the conditions," the German said.

"We were able to work in two conditions so in that respect it was quite fruitful."The morning was tricky, the rubber was laid down last week by the test, so naturally it's very greasy and very slippery, but probably an hour after driving on the track it was okay."Schumacher claims the Italian team are making progress in all areas."The progress is very clear, in lap time, in all areas, it never changes so why should it change now... it's never just one thing that goes quicker, it is everywhere," he said.Nevertheless, the Ferrari legend has predicted a close race between his team and McLaren when the championship gets under way in Australia."It will be very interesting," Schumacher continued. "You have the two contenders, like last year. Then you have some question marks over what some (of the others) can do and what they can't, so it should be exciting."And Schumacher claims Monday's test results prove that Ferrari and McLaren lead the way."Maybe today with the conditions and the programme you have to see, but at the end of the day it is very clear that Ferrari and McLaren are up front."Who is quicker or not quicker on one lap, who is quicker on consistent laps; that is something you need to analyse over the next days.

"Today the conditions probably weren't equal enough to give an idea," he said.The German says racing without traction control, which has now been outlawed in the sport, is "different", but believes the drivers will adapt without too many problems."It's different. But you would be surprised actually, when you have o work without all these systems, how it works in the end," he continued.

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Hatton keen to return to ring

The Mancunian suffered the first defeat of his career in his heavily-hyped welterweight bout with Floyd Mayweather Jnr in Las Vegas last December.

He will make his 2008 return to the ring at his natural 140 pounds on May 24 at either the City of Manchester Stadium or Wembley in a bout that is to be televised on HBO.

Hatton, 29, was at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow to support Braveheart Promotion's bill on March 29 which will see local boy Willie Limond take on Martin Watson for the vacant IBO Intercontinental lightweight title.

Hatton spoke about his desire to get back to his trade.

He said: "Obviously defeat was a hard pill to swallow and a lot of people were saying 'is he going to retire now?'

"But I don't think you are much of a champion if the first time you get beat, you hang the gloves up.

"It's all about coming back.

"Life's dead easy for everyone, no matter their profession, when it rolls along nice and smooth.

"You find out what a man you are and what a boxer you are when you have a few obstacles to climb and that's what I've got now."

Hatton, however, put paid to any lingering suggestions that his 'homecoming' fight will be against WBC champion Junior Witter.

He said: "There are four or five opponents in the pipeline - Ricardo Torres, Herman Ngoudjo, Juan Lazcano and Kendall Holt.

"They should be announcing it by the end of next week and that is good news for me.

"I will fight Junior Witter when I want to.

"I found it hilarious reading in the paper that he was entitled to 70% because he is the champion but he was willing to take 30% - he'll be lucky.

"I'm not saying I won't fight him. You can never say never but I will fight him when I choose to.

"But at the minute I would like a homecoming fight to repay the fans because 30,000 went to La Vegas and sadly only 5,000 got tickets which was a big disappointment.

"Then I hope to go back to America and fight again.

"I think Junior needs to fight a few more creditable opponents because it's all about American television.

"So, although you can never say never, he is not in my immediate plans."

Limond will be back in the ring for the first time since his defeat to Amir Khan in London last July.

Khan took Limond's Commonwealth lightweight title but he had to pick himself up after a sixth-round knockdown to do so.

Ross take 50 percent share in Dolphin

Under the terms of the deal, Huizenga will continue to run the franchise as managing general partner but Ross will be an "active partner" with the possibility of becoming a managing general partner in the future.

"I have always said that I wanted to bring in a partner, and I can't think of anyone more appropriate than Steve," Huizenga said.

"He has unbridled enthusiasm and I couldn't feel better about the future than I do with Steve as my partner and Bill Parcells running football operations."

Ross, who splits his time between New York and Florida, declared himself delighted to be on board.

"Having grown up in South Florida, Dolphins football has been a lifetime passion for me," he said. "I am energised by this opportunity and look forward to being able to once again watch the Dolphins win a Super Bowl alongside all the other loyal Dolphin fans."

The sale continued months of upheaval within the Dolphins franchise.

At the conclusion of a miserable 1-15 season in 2007, coach Cam Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller were fired.

Huizenga hired the legendary Parcells as executive vice-president of football operations, and he has overseen a comprehensive rebuilding project, hiring Jeff Ireland as GM and installing Tony Sparano as head coach.

Barca aim to pile pressure on leaders

Real could have moved 11 points clear at the summit if results had gone their way last weekend, but their shock loss at Real Betis combined with Barca's impressive victory at Real Zaragoza means only five points now separate the two Spanish giants.

Barca will expect to keep the pressure up on their arch-rivals with a home win over lowly Levante, so the spotlight will fall on whether Real coach Bernd Schuster can mastermind a victory over his former club Getafe at the Bernabeu.

Real's home form this season, which has seen them win all 11 of their league matches, indicates it will be Schuster and co celebrating on Sunday night.

However, the reigning champions' recent results suggest things might not be so straightforward.

Of their 11 competitive matches in 2008, Real have lost five - including three of their last four against Almeria and Betis in the league, and Roma in the Champions League.

However, in their last appearance at the Bernabeu, Real trounced Real Valladolid 7-0 and defender Gabriel Heinze insists there is no need to be concerned about his side's recent performances.

"We are leaders in the league and we are still in the Champions League, if that shows we are an easy side to beat then I don't know what shows the opposite," he said.

"I'm not worried about the defeats because I have faith in this team. We will have to win our next away game to prove you wrong."

Looking ahead to the Getafe match, Heinze added: "It will be as difficult as the rest. Every team at the Bernabeu does its very best, especially sides like Getafe who come from the same area. They have great players.

"We need the three points to continue to stand strong in the league."

Like Real, Sevilla are also looking to bounce back from a midweek defeat in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie, with Manolo Jimenez's side suffering a 3-2 loss to Fenerbache in Turkey.

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Inter target a return to winning ways

he Nerazzurri went down 2-0 to Liverpool in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie, late goals from Dirk Kuyt and Steven Gerrard giving the hosts a commanding lead to take to the San Siro for the return.

Inter pointed to the harsh dismissal of defender Marco Materazzi after 30 minutes as the reason behind the setback.

"Marco's sending-off changed things dramatically," said Inter coach Roberto Mancini."It is hard enough to play at Anfield with 11 men, but with 10 it is very tough.

"But I will not concede that the task is now beyond us. We have another 90 minutes on our own ground."

Despite the slip, Inter president Massimo Moratti was proud of his team's performance.

"For 86 minutes, the team has played with heroics," said Moratti.

"I cannot criticise Mancini or my players.

"In fact, I have told my team not to be down, we have played a great game and we have shown a lot of character."

Inter's European struggles are in stark contrast to their dominance domestically.

Mancini's side are 11 points clear at the top of Serie A and will look to maintain that advantage over Roma at the weekend.

The Eternal City giants host fourth-placed Fiorentina in buoyant mood after their 2-1 home triumph over nine-time European champions Real Madrid on Tuesday.

The Giallorossi will be looking to make amends for their 1-0 slip at Juventus last weekend which hampered their Scudetto ambitions.

Benitez wants fourth spot

At the end of a week of turmoil and ecstasy, Liverpool face Middlesbrough at Anfield in the first of four crucial Barclays Premier League matches before the second instalment of a their last-16 clash with Inter on March 11.

And if Liverpool do beat Gareth Southgate's side, they will reclaim fourth place from city rivals Everton - who play on Monday - on goal difference.

This week has seen Liverpool humiliated by Barnsley in the FA Cup before their 2-0 victory over the Italian champions.

And Benitez - who has taken a 'well done' call from co-owner Tom Hicks this week - admitted that consistency is now the only thing that will salvage Liverpool's battered league campaign.

He said: "We have clear targets. We must progress in the Champions League and we must finish in the top four, now we have as our priority the four league games we play before we go to the San Siro.

"We must be in the top four before we face Inter Milan. That will be a tough game but we will go there with more confidence if we are in the top four.

"The players know that we must take care of the Premier League now. Four games, all very important, are next. If we can go to Milan with four league wins under our belts, things will be much, much better.

"After this next four games I will be able to say whether we are favourites for fourth place. Clearly we have enough quality and confidence, but we know we must do the job properly with so many clubs chasing the same thing.

"We could have made it easier for ourselves, so we have to start winning as soon as possible."

After the clash with Middlesbrough they visit Bolton and then face West Ham and Newcastle at Anfield ahead of the trip to Milan.

Benitez knows Liverpool should be capable of winning all four, but they will have to overcome their poor home form to do so. The Reds have won just five league games at Anfield all season.

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Hatton keen to return to ring

The Mancunian suffered the first defeat of his career in his heavily-hyped welterweight bout with Floyd Mayweather Jnr in Las Vegas last December.He will make his 2008 return to the ring at his natural 140 pounds on May 24 at either the City of Manchester Stadium or Wembley in a bout that is to be televised on HBO.Hatton, 29, was at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow to support Braveheart Promotion's bill on March 29 which will see local boy Willie Limond take on Martin Watson for the vacant IBO Intercontinental lightweight title.Hatton spoke about his desire to get back to his trade.He said: "Obviously defeat was a hard pill to swallow and a lot of people were saying 'is he going to retire now?'
"But I don't think you are much of a champion if the first time you get beat, you hang the gloves up."It's all about coming back."Life's dead easy for everyone, no matter their profession, when it rolls along nice and smooth."You find out what a man you are and what a boxer you are when you have a few obstacles to climb and that's what I've got now."Hatton, however, put paid to any lingering suggestions that his 'homecoming' fight will be against WBC champion Junior Witter.
He said: "There are four or five opponents in the pipeline - Ricardo Torres, Herman Ngoudjo, Juan Lazcano and Kendall Holt."They should be announcing it by the end of next week and that is good news for me."I will fight Junior Witter when I want to."I found it hilarious reading in the paper that he was entitled to 70% because he is the champion but he was willing to take 30% - he'll be lucky."I'm not saying I won't fight him. You can never say never but I will fight him when I choose to."But at the minute I would like a homecoming fight to repay the fans because 30,000 went to La Vegas and sadly only 5,000 got tickets which was a big disappointment."Then I hope to go back to America and fight again."I think Junior needs to fight a few more creditable opponents because it's all about American television."So, although you can never say never, he is not in my immediate plans."Limond will be back in the ring for the first time since his defeat to Amir Khan in London last July.Khan took Limond's Commonwealth lightweight title but he had to pick himself up after a sixth-round knockdown to do so.Limond's promoter Barry Hughes admits he is still looking for a rematch for his boxer.He said: "A rematch with Amir Khan isn't out of the question.

Brits sent packing

They were all square at halfway, but Cink took the lead for good with a birdie at the par-five 10th and pulled away, rolling in a 15-footer at the 16th hole to deliver the final blow, winning emphatically four and two.Montgomerie certainly sounded demoralized as he blamed his exit on mediocre putting, saying: "I had chances on 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 and missed them all.
"He putted very well. He even said he got lucky on a few of his putts and I was unlucky."
Cink added: "Sometimes you can't explain golf."I didn't really feel I had control of my ball today off the tee and I think Colin would agree with that."It was ugly but I scrambled my rear end off and made a lot of good putts. Sometimes when you're hitting it all over the place and recovering well and making a few putts, it's demoralising to your opponent, and I think that's what happened."Meanwhile, Casey trailed all the way, but at least made a match of it, extending KJ Choi to the very end before the Korean prevailed two-up.The only European through to the quarter-finals is defending champion Henrik Stenson, who survived another tight battle.Less than 24 hours after being taken to seven extra holes, Stenson got the job done in regulation, but only just, edging American Jonathan Byrd one-up.Stenson has won all three of his matches by the narrowest of margins and said: "I've managed to get out of a few situations Houdini-style."Of course, you don't want to put yourself, coming up 18, all square too many times, because sooner or later you're going to lose a match.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Siddons optimistic over Bangladesh chances

The Tigers' form heading into the series is hardly impressive, having suffered a 2-0 humbling against New Zealand last month when their fragile batting was exposed as both Tests ended inside three days.

However, Siddons is in positive mood heading into the two-Test series following the performance of his batsman who appeared for the Bangladesh Board XI in their warm-up match against the Proteas in Fatullah earlier this week.

Against a full-strength Proteas bowling line-up the Bangladeshi batsman compiled 412 for nine with 20-year-old opening batsman Junaid Siddique pressing his claims for selection to the Test team with a well-crafted 103.

Shakib Al Hasan added 73 and Aftab Ahmed 45.

"The batsmen scored runs, but it was a warm-up match not a Test match," Siddons told The Daily Star after the match."It is important to see some runs on the board but it's also important for us to see in which way we scored the runs. We would need more of a patient approach."Despite Siddons' optimism, South Africa arrived in Bangladesh as arguably the form team in Test cricket having recorded home series wins against New Zealand and West Indies to follow on from their triumph in Pakistan.Graeme Smith's side will also be eager to cast off the off-field controversy that surrounded their squad selection for the tour.A row between coach Micky Arthur and Cricket South Africa president Norman Arendse erupted after Arthur presented his team of 14 players for approval, only for Arendse to rejected the list as it did not contain at least seven players of colour in accordance with the governing body's policy.However, Arendse and chief executive Gerald Majola later issued an apology to Arthur when they admitted "full responsibility for not handling the issue in a manner that preserves the integrity and reputation of the sport."Smith, who was named South Africa captain ahead of their previous tour of Bangladesh in 2003, is confident his team can adjust to the the slower conditions of the sub-continent despite the lacklustre nature of his team's bowling performance in Fatullah."We have played together for the last three months and I am confident that we are strong enough to adjust to any conditions and play for the best possible outcome," he said.

"We have come here after a very successful home series (against West Indies). The confidence of my team is good as we have played a couple of good series against Pakistan and then against New Zealand and West Indies at home."

The Proteas will sweat on the fitness of paceman Andre Nel, who remains a doubtful starter after he sustained a hamstring injury during the one-day series against West Indies, while they are unlikely to go with two spinners with Johan Botha expected to get the nod ahead of Robin Peterson.

Veteran spinner Mohammad Rafique is set to return to the Bangladesh line-up for what will be his final Test series.

Ponting warning for Symonds

Australia captain Ricky Ponting has warned team-mate Andrew Symonds that he could be in breach of his contract if he pulls out of the scheduled tour of Pakistan.Symonds has publicly expressed his unwillingness to tour troubled Pakistan because of security fears.If he was left behind, the all-rounder would be free to take part in the Indian Premier League during April and May, for which he would be paid around £700,000.However, Ponting believes Symonds would be contravening his contract if he refused to travel and said the situation is not comparable to that of Stuart MacGill, who two years ago refused to tour Zimbabwe."It would be some sort of breach of your Cricket Australia contract, I would have thought," he said."You have to make yourself available for any international matches, whenever it is."Whether it's unfair or not, we've all signed off on it. If it is seen to be safe and you don't go, I think that's where the breach of your contract would be."I think it's a totally different issue than the Stuart MacGill one a couple of years ago with Zimbabwe."Symonds will make his decision after Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association review the situation.

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Cricket seems to have become a heady cocktail – a base of talented, young, marketable players, a dash of glamour and mega bucks thrown in to make India Premier League a seriously intoxicating brew.ut if the excitement has go to you, sober down for a moment and spare a thought for other sports in this Olympic year as well.Hockey, badminton, archery, rifle shooting – are all sports where Indian players have done well on the international arena.Will they be forgotten forever?Says President, Archer's Federation, Vijay Kumar Malhotra, "Cricket has already taken over other sports. We must make attempts to look for similar models in other sports as well


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Today, corporatised film studios are signing mutli-crore deals with film stars. Director Anees Bazmi, who earned Rs 8 crore for his last film, says that big money is what gets one respect — be it in Bollywood or elsewhere.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

South Africa brush PNG aside

South Africa defeated Papua New Guinea by seven wickets in the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Group B preliminary round match at the Kinrara Oval on Thursday, while Nepal, Bermuda and New Zealand also secured wins.he junior Proteas bowled PNG out for just 125 and then knocked off the runs in 14.2 overs to make sure they improved their net run-rate. But with India playing the West Indies tomorrow, South Africa must hope that the boys from the Caribbean slip up otherwise their destination will be Johor and the Plate Competition. But if India wins at Kinrara Oval then it will top the group and SA will make it through to the last eight as Group B runners-up. SA had four points from three games compared to two from two for the West Indies but its net run-rate is currently less than the Windies. So a win of any kind will be enough for Larry Gomes’ team – all eyes


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24 cities to go dark for Earth Hour

As many as 30 million people are tipped to switch off lights and televisions around the world to help fight climate change with 24 cities joining Earth Hour on March 29, environment group WWF said on Wednesday.ollowing last year's Earth Hour in Australia, where 2.2 million Sydneysiders powered-down for an hour, cities including Atlanta, San Francisco, Bangkok, Ottawa, Dublin, Vancouver, Montreal and Phoenix have also signed on, WWF said.They joined Copenhagen and Aarhus, Manila, Fiji's capital Suva, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Christchurch, Toronto, Odense and Aalborg, as well as major Australian cities including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the national capital Canberra."If we see the same participation levels around the globe that we did in Sydney, then we can anticipate more than 30 million people involved," said Andy Ridley, Earth Hour's executive director.

Fidel Castro steps down

Fidel Castro announced his resignation as president of Cuba and commander-in-chief of Cuba's military on Tuesday, according to a letter published in the state-run newspaper, Granma.he resignation ends nearly a half-century of iron-fisted rule that inspired revolutionaries but frustrated 10 U.S. presidents.astro revealed his plans without advance notice by publishing a letter in the middle of the night in state-run newspaper Granma."I will not aspire to, nor will I accept the position of president of the council of state and commander-in-chief," Castro wrote. "I wish only to fight as a soldier of ideas. ... Perhaps my voice will be heard."The news is likely to send shock waves across the island and among the tens of thousands of Cubans who have sought refugee in the United States and other countries.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ponting disappointment

While most players who were auctioned on Wednesday are over the moon but Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting has reportedly expressed his disappointment that he didn't sell for more. Ponting, who was bought by Kolkata for just Rs. 1.6 crores said he was expecting more than that.The Australian skipper, though, dismissed suggestions that the auction would cause friction in the dressing room. However, Ponting did joke that from now on whenever he and Andrew Symonds go out, he will be expecting Symonds to pay!On a more serious note, Ponting did concede that most Australian players have concerns about touring Pakistan.Symonds had said on Wednesday that he will almost certainly pull if the tour does go ahead.Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has made it clear that its schedule is in place for the next four years and will not change.There has been a lot of media speculation about a window being cut out of the tour programme so that the IPL can fit in on an annual basis. That issue wasn't raised by the BCCI. The Futures Tours Programme that regulates cricket matches for the 10 full-member countries and the associate member countries is in place till 2012 and there is no suggestion that a window will be cut out to accommodate the IPL

shant Sharma's home shocked

Phones have not stopped ringing in Ishant Sharma's home ever since Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata IPL team paid an astronomical Rs 3.8 crore for the 19-year-old fast bowler, affectionately called lamboo by his teammates.ut his very middle-class family remains unaffected and says the bid is not entirely a surpriseays his father Vijay Kumar Sharma, “We expected a high bid for Ishant and when the others players were bid for, we guessed.”But the money certainly attracted attention with bankers offering the best returns on the unearned millions. But Ishant's father is keeping his investment plans to himself.“Let him come home first, then we will decide what has to be done

Airport stir may ground your flying

A major, countrywide strike by airport employees may hit air services in the country from February 26.

Agitated over the "failure" of the government to fulfill its 19-point charter of demands, the Airport Authority Employees' Union will go on strike if talks between them and Civil Aviation officials fail on Friday.The AAEU’s list of grievances includes the closure of existing airports at Bangalore and Hyderabad as well as other service matters.AAEU General Secretary M K Ghoshal was quoted as saying by agencies that despite several meetings and assurances, nothing has been done about their demands such as issues related to the Airport Authority of India employees at Delhi and Mumbai airports, arbitrary decisions of closing of airports at Hyderabad and Bangalore and non-holding of tripartite committee meeting in this regard.Employees at all airports, barring Delhi and Mumbai, will jin the strike and non-executive staff, both operational and non-operational, will stop work.The AAEU, on February 12, staged a nationwide relay ast to protest the government's decision to close the existing airports being run by AAI in Hyderabad and Bangalore and other employees-related issues.


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Gay night' for Oz after loss to India

The bash was held on Sunday night after the world champions were outplayed by India in a One-Dayer of the tri-series, also involving Sri Lanka.According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, those who attended the party included pace spearhead Brett Lee, retiring stumper Adam Gilchrist, Michael Clarke and Andrew Symonds.The group reportedly left only in the wee hours of Monday.

"I didn't realise it was a gay night," Warne reportedly told the cricketers when they arrived at the "gay-friendly" Love Machine here.Playing a protective host, Warne did not allow any photographs of the party.The star cricketers were also joined by Warne's childhood friend Warwick Joseph, who is the pub's ambassador."It was great to catch up after all these years. We chatted on about how much each of us love our children,"

Sunday, February 10, 2008


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Thursday, February 7, 2008


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bollyhood story

The Mumbai Mirror carries a report that claims the nikah ceremony took place at Saif's residence in Bandra on Wednesday.The tabloid, however, says Khan dismissed the news as a rumour and his mother - yester-year actress and Censor Board President - Sharmila Tagore has also denied the reports.Thirty-seven-year-old is Saif started seeing and Kareena, 27, three months ago following the break-up between Kareena and her boyfriend-for-four-years, Shahid Kapur.Saif and Kareena reportedly became “close” while shooting for their upcoming film Tashan, setting the grapevine abuzz.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

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new zealand in trouble

New Zealand's hard-hitting wicketkeeper-batsman takes over the captaincy for the two Twenty20 matches in the absence of the injured Daniel Vettori, who has been ruled out with a right ankle problem sustained in training on Friday.

McCullum will lead out a side missing spinner Vettori, the most economical bowler in last year's ICC World Twenty20 Championship in South Africa, and also shorn of several other big players that have proved crucial to New Zealand's chances in recent years.

Nathan Astle, Stephen Fleming and Craig McMillan are all unavailable while spearhead Shane Bond will also be missing at Eden Park after his contract was terminated because of his links with the rebel Indian Cricket League.

But McCullum believes the match can be a platform for the Black Caps to prove they can prosper in the future and is eager to inflict an early setback on the tourists.

"We've taken a few knocks over the last 12 to 18 months to be fair, but that's also a test of the strength of your domestic game and also what sort of talent you've got coming through," said McCullum.

"It presents a tremendous opportunity for a couple of players to stand up and see what they've got at international level.

"The team we do have is young, it's fresh and I see it as pretty exciting and if all goes well I think we've got the make-up to thrill a lot of people."

One of the main players to benefit from the recent departure of more experienced players is 23-year-old left-hander Jesse Ryder, who could form a destructive partnership with McCullum at the top of the order.

Having fallen out with New Zealand Cricket on several occasions during the last couple of years, Ryder has finally been given his chance at the top level and been handed a licence to thrill.

"He's an amazing talent," enthused McCullum. "This guy hits the ball as hard as anyone going around the country and you can't keep talent like that on the sidelines for too long.

"He's had some attitude things that he's worked on during the last 12 to 18 months but we're massively excited to see how Jesse fares at international level.

"Even if he doesn't come off this time, I'm sure the experience he'll gain from his time with this team and playing against quality opposition will help him shine through in the future."

Tim Southee is also expected to make his debut in the day-night fixture after impressing chairman of selectors Sir Richard Hadlee.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

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Punjab on alert

Following the blast thousands of Dera followers blocked the National Highway No. 1 at different places."The state has been put on high alert and we are monitoring the situation closely," Haryana's Home Secretary, KS Bhoria said.He said the government was keeping a close watch on the Dera followers, who had gathered in strength and had blocked the national highway No. 1, near Karnal, Kurukshetra and Ambala after the incident.Though, the Dera chief, who was returning along with his followers after a appearing in a court in Ambala, escaped unhurt, 11 persons were injured in the incident.
There was complete chaos on the highway as traffic had virtually come to a stand-still, with followers squatting on the roads. Long queues of vehicles were seen on both sides of the highway and commuters travelling to Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi had been put to great inconvenience.
Heavy contingents of police, which were moved to the affected spots, were facing great difficulty in dispersing the followers, who were protesting against the attack and were shouting slogans, police sources said.They said that the followers had at some places started their 'satsangs' along side the highway.The situation in Sirsa, the sect's headquarters was peaceful, Sirsa's Deputy Commissioner V Umashankar said.Police had to fire in the air after a can charge did not work on Dera followers who allegedly brickbatted the Deputy Commissioner's vehicle while protesting the attack.


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Paris Hilton caught making out

The two did not arrive at Tenjune together, in fact 26-year-old Paris was there for a birthday party, where she was seen dancing on banquets.It's Paris. She loves putting on a show,
Hilton was seen earlier in the evening attending the BlackBerry Pink Pearl Launch Party.
"She was actually super well behaved and even took the time to take some photos with the BlackBerry executives," Us mag quoted an attendee as saying.However a representative for Cuthbert has denied that the incident took place

Friday, February 1, 2008

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